Submit a Claim

Early intervention by legal professionals can greatly reduce the likelihood that the situation will become a formal complaint. If the situation does rise to the level of a lawsuit, we are here to respond quickly.
Please be aware that the claim reporting provision as listed in VIII Conditions requires that you notify the carrier as soon as practicable but in no event more than thirty days after you are aware that a claim has been made.  

If you have information of a situation that could be grounds for a complaint against your company, or if a formal complaint has been filed against you, call 1.860.674.3992 or email to report the situation.
Information to include when reporting a claim:
1. The name of the person who is reporting the claim
2. The name of the insured company
3. The policy number
4. The way to reach the insured (telephone number or email address)
5. The claimant's name
6. Documentation that is relevant to the claim
7. A brief message about the matter 

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