Data Breach Tools and Calculators

When a breach event occurs, time is of the essence. Having a breach response plan in place, with access to the third-party resources you need, can help you efficiently and cost-effectively respond to and recover from the breach.
As a Univantage data breach policyholder, you will receive complimentary access to the eRisk Hub portal. eRisk Hub provides tools and resources to help you understand your exposures, establish a response plan, and minimize the effects of a breach on your organization.
Key Features of the eRisk Hub Silver Portal: 

  • Breach Response Coach –  A breach coach will showcase the steps to take following a data breach or privacy violation incident. Resources include access to a breach response team for forensics, notification, and credit monitoring.
  • Incident Response Planning – Includes key pre-breach planning information from an extensive library of materials that you can select for your clients.
  • News Center – Cyber risk stories, security and compliance blogs, security news, risk management events, and helpful industry links.  
  • Risk Manager Tools – Assists your clients in managing cyber risk with free self-assessments, state breach notification laws, and data breach cost calculators

For access, contact us at: or 888.864.8268

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