About Data Breach Insurance

Data security breaches and compromises of customer and employee data continue to be reported at a high frequency. When a breach occurs, you need to be ready to respond quickly and effectively to mitigate your exposure to brand damage and legal liability.
Current insurance products often provide an inadequate solution to the unique challenges posed by data breaches. Cyber Coverage provides what we believe is the insurance market's most comprehensive solution to privacy breaches and information security exposures.
Cyber Coverage is unique in offering a turn-key solution to data breaches - a solution providing a separate limit of coverage that does not erode the third party liability coverage.
Coverage Highlights Include:

• Coverage features include breach notification and credit monitoring services, with additional coverage for third party claims.
• Breach response coverage includes forensic and legal assistance, notification costs, credit monitoring services for each person notified and loss negotiation services.
• Identity theft-related fraud resolution services for individuals enrolled in credit monitoring who become victims of identity theft.
• Retentions as low as $2,500, with higher retentions available.
• Policy also provides reimbursement for cyber extortion expenses as a direct result of cyber extortion threat.
• Provides additional risk management research publications and loss prevention services. Automatic access to online services that provide educational and loss control information relating to compliance with applicable laws, safeguarding sensitive data, preparing to respond to breach incidents and best practices.

You will have unlimited access to:
1. On-line compliance materials—compliance materials related to federal and state laws regarding data security, data breaches, and data privacy.
2. Step-by-step procedures to lower risk by understanding the scope of personal information, and how to manage the collection and retention of personal information in your organization.
3. Quarterly newsletter & email news alerts.
4. Online training programs and employee training bulletins.
5. Encryption software download.
6. Procedures to assist you in handling data breaches, preventing data security incidents and responding to a data breach.
7. Expert vendors in data protection. Closed computing, malware and anti-virus protection and network security.


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